An important part of planning for your future is also planning for your loved ones after you pass. Below I have laid out how to write a will in six steps. Let’s face it life is not a Benjamin Button Movie. Writing your will is a grave topic but a very important one none-the-less. You can create a will online with various websites. It’s advisable to use online software or a lawyer to write your will. Check out LEGAL ZOOM.

Choose Beneficiaries For Your Will

In your will, you will want to specifically discern who gets your assets after you pass. For example assets such as money, intellectual property, stocks, bonds, home, real estate, cars, jewelry, and other valuable items. Having assets delegated to specific individuals will prevent your family from having unnecessary conflict. Your beneficiaries may include your children, spouse, friends, or other loved ones. On your will, you can also name people you absolutely do not want to receive anything. Make sure to be as specific as possible so there is no grey area and you will save your family a lot of heartaches.

Name an Executor

If you do not have an executor it could take over a year for a court-appointed official to handle your affairs. An executor will make sure your debts are paid and your property has been allotted accordingly. Choose someone you know who is detail oriented and perhaps a bit of an overachiever. As it so happens closing estates of property may be a lengthy process so make sure you have a compensation plan in place for your executor.


This is an arduous decision, who will raise your offspring after you pass on. Of course, only do this step if your children are under the age of 18. If you are currently married this might be an easy decision to leave your spouse as the guardian. You may choose your parents to be the guardian or one of your siblings if you feel they are adequate. After you choose a guardian to make sure you let them know just in case they are not up to the task. It might also be a good idea to name an additional guardian if the first one does not work out for unseen matters.

Make Your Will Legal

Now find two people over the age of 18 who do not stand to inherit anything from you and have them sign your will.  It is illegal in many states for the beneficiaries to sign the will if they are too inherent anything from your will. You will also need a notary to do this go to a bank, government post office. Bring the two people who you have chosen to sign your will with you to sign in front of the Notary.

Put Your Will Somewhere Safe

Store your will somewhere safe where your executor and beneficiaries can easily find it. Such as a personal safe, filing cabinet, etc. There are also companies out there that store your legal documents digitally.

Personal Note

Lastly, you may want to include a personal letter to your loved ones. This letter is a winsome gesture of your love for your friends and family and can explain why you choose to delegate your belongings the way you did. You might also want to express how you see the beneficiaries carrying on your legacy and how you foresee your property being used.

Now that you’ve exerted your will, no pun intended, you will feel much more secure knowing how your loved ones will be taking care of and satisfied that you have not left anything open-ended if the worst happens. This may have been an unpleasant process to start but after you finish you can R.I.P. and simply make adjustments to the will if anything should change or you win the lottery. Check out the following AARP!