the cold is coming

Its that time of year again! Time to start thinking about winterizing your home! Temperatures are slowly dropping and in North Idaho, we need to prepare for the long winter months ahead of us. With this in mind; what are some ways to winterize your home? We have gathered some tips below for winterizing your home.

Windows and doors

First place you should check for winterizing you home: check around your windows and doors. See if there are any drafts or wear and tear around them. For instance, it could be that there needs to be new caulking or spray foam. Another option for your windows is a clear plastic cover you stick on to help insulate them. Additionally, check around the frame of your door and see if anything is wearing away.

Basement and attic

If you have a basement or an attic it would be worth it to check there as well to is there is any need for more insulation. While you’re down in the basement make sure your pipes are fully insulated. Any way you can save heat – do it!

Inside the home

Get your furnace serviced and the filter changed. Doing this will help increase furnace efficacy! Also, if you have ceiling fans, run them in in reverse! This will push the hot air down and spread the warm air around your home.

Outside the home

Check your home on the outside as well as the inside! Make sure any outdoor sprinklers are turned off and hoses put away. Check around all windows and doors, cover any outdoor grilling appliances and put away lawn mowers. Additionally, clean out the gutters around your home to prevent clogging and unwanted water damage.

Ready for winter

Use these tips for winterizing your home as a starting point.  You will find that making 10% change will make 100% of the difference! It main seem like a small task to caulk around your windows or wrap your pipes; but a bunch of small changes will make a big difference. Everyone wants to stay warm in the winter and save money as well!

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