So, you’re going on spring break, here are 7 necessary steps you can take to put your mind at ease while you are away. Why would you want to spend your spring break worrying about the trials and tribulations of your home and life, when you can take these simple necessary steps to ensure your home is safe and sound while you are away?


For conventional home preparedness, unplug all electronics and appliances. Even when appliances and electrical devices are in off mode, they still can be energy hoovers. Taking this quick easy step will maybe even help lower your electrical bill this month so you can enjoy that extra margarita.

Turn Down that Thermostat

Now that you’re on a saving spree lets turn down that thermostat too. Adjust your thermostat to a lower temperature than you would normally have it set to when you are home unless of course, you live in a warm place then turn off your air conditioning. Here is an additional article, Thermostat.

Set Your Lights

If you have a timer for the lights in your home set your lights to go on and off to make it look like your home is lived in. Another excellent article on timers for your, lights

Check and Collect

Have your neighbor, friends, or family check and collect your mail while you are gone. You might even ask them to check up on your place if you are going to go for an extended amount to time. Or you can even contact your post office to put a hold on your mail for the duration of your travels.

Lets Talk Plumbing

Let’s talk plumbing, you may want to turn off your water completely just in case you are afraid of your pipes freezing and bursting. This is especially crucial if you live in a cold climate. If you are not worried about your pipes you may just want to pour some baking soda down your sink, toilet, and garbage disposal so you don’t come back to any horrific smells.

Clean Your Home

Life is busy, and chances are you will have to jump right into the nitty-gritty, in that case, it might be nice to come home to a clean home. There’s nothing like sleeping in a bed with fresh clean sheets. Make sure while you are cleaning to remember to toss out any food that is perishable or that will go bad. While you are at it you could prepare yourself a home prepared meal to freeze, so when you get home you have a lovely dinner to put in the oven. After a long day of traveling, you will thank your past self for being so thoughtful.

Last Little Thing

Some last little things you may want to do before you take off call your credit card to let them know where you are traveling. It’s a buzz kill when you are trying to pay for that margarita and your card declines because your bank thinks your card has been stolen. Lastly and the most important thing you can do is give yourself plenty of time to complete these steps and pack your bag. A good night’s sleep is imperative to start your vacation out on the right foot!