Summer is the perfect time to sell your home. Unfortunately selling your home can be an arduous process, don’t let that discourage you. In this article, we will take you through the necessary steps to selling your property.

To Use a Listing Agent or Not to Use a Listing Agent that is the Question

Choose if you want to sell your house yourself or with a real estate agent. Both choices have their ups and downs. You will save a ton of money if you sell yourself, listing agents can charge up to 5-6% of the home’s sales price. On the other hand, an agent will take an immense amount of stress away. A good agent will market, negotiate, help set your home at a fair price, interact with potential buyers. The listing agent will also take care of the paperwork process and make sure everything goes smoothly. With that being said it is totally doable to sell on your own.

Steps to Selling Your Property

Determine Price

To determine the sales price, we recommend a comparative market analysis (CMA). Compare recently sold properties in the area and find a good selling price based on your findings. You may also want to look at the CMA from when you bought your home. Setting the right asking price is imperative to selling your home. If you over price you will unlikely be able to sell. If you set your price lower you may be able to drum up multiple bid offers.

Marketing is Essential

You will certainly want to put your home on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in your area. You may also want to update sites such as Zillow and Trulia. Creating a website for your home can be a good option. Part of marketing is taking professional quality photos. Many buyers look online so make sure you take photos during the day with natural light. Use a wide angle lens if possible. Your best bet is to hire a professional real estate photographer. It will be worth the price tag. You may want to have a video with a 360-degree view as well. Put a sign up in your front yard is a must!

Preparing your Home

The first step is to have your house professionally cleaned unless you’re a merciless and meticulous neat freak. Have a friend with a fresh pair of eyes go around your home and point out areas that need work such as walls that need to be touched up or any weird odors. Get rid of any clutter inside and on the exterior of your home. Don’t forget closets and garages, decluttering can be a pain but hey you are going to have to pack up and move everything anyways. Tidy up your yard and lawn. Hiring a professional stager can be a wonderful option. Consequently, by getting rid of clutter you can give the illusion of maximized perceived space. Make sure your kitchen is as appealing as possible. Many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Last Words of Advice

Be accommodating even when it is inconvenient you need to make sure your home is clean so you can show your property to potential buyers. Selling your home can be downright frustrating, you will have your home under a microscope and tirelessly scrutinized but if you put in the time upfront you will save yourself a substantial amount of emotional trauma and unnecessary stress.