With the long hot summer behind us the colder temperatures have us spending more time inside and turning on the heat in our homes. The issue with constantly have our heat on is the rising energy cost. So how do we save on energy costs? In North Idaho we spend a great many months with below freezing temperatures outside. It’s important to start considering now how we can make adjustments in order to start saving on energy costs. We have collected some tips below on preserving heat and energy in your home.


Change out your lightbulbs to LEDs! You could end up saving a handful of dollars per year if your switch to energy efficient bulbs. Check out this tool to help you see how much you could save on energy costs! https://creebulb.com/calculator


Have multiple appliances in the house? One way you could save on energy costs is cutting down on the excess appliances. For example, if you have more than one refrigerator, this could really be consuming the energy in your home. Additionally, think about cleaning the coils behind your refrigerator; doing this will help it run efficiently. Any computer, printers, floor lamps etc; plug these into a power strip and then turn the strip off when things are not in use. Doing this will help prevent energy from being used when you’re not home.


Layers for your home? Yes, its a thing. For example, storm windows and heavy curtains could help by keeping the cold out. These items really act as a shield and an extra layer for your home.


Think about going solar! Planning on growing roots or homesteading? Depending on your location solar panels could be a great energy saving solution for you. Getting solar panels will have an upfront cost but, in the end, will save you lots of money.

Energy Audit

Do an energy audit! Contact your local energy company and see if they will do an audit for you. Ask for resources for energy use and saving. Once you find out where your ‘energy’ is going you might be able to find out how to lessen the energy costs.

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