It’s that time a year again to count your blessings from the previous year and to look to the future. Many people around the world will choose to take part in the time-honored tradition of making New Year Resolutions or perhaps to set goals for the upcoming year. The New Year is a clean slate and a perfect time to imagine what you would like to happen and the growth you would like to achieve in 2019.

This goal or resolution can be used to change your situation or to add value to your future. In the United States according to a YouGov Poll, the most common resolutions are to exercise more, eat healthier, and save money. This should come to no surprise, are any of these three resolutions/goals on your list?

The resolution we will touch on in this article is how to save money by reducing energy costs in your home. Saving money may seem unattainable, but there are simple and effective things you can do in your home that can really add up over time. Your money could literally be escaping out your window and doors of your home. Here is a quick list of absolutely the most effective ways of saving energy in your home without breaking your budget.

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Create an Air Tight Home

Certainly this first step is by far the best thing you can do for your home to save energy on a budget, especially if your home is well aged. You will very likely have leaks in many spots of your house (think outlets, and fan vents), weak insulation in the attic or walls, or single pane windows. To best tackle this it’s ideal to have your home energy audited so you can have a clear understanding of your weak points. If that’s not possible you can try to assess it yourself with a close inspection of potential problem areas by feeling for drafts.

First, head to the local hardware store and buy inexpensive insulation and fill in any areas where heat may be escaping, you can buy foam weather stripping for doors and windows and its super easy to apply. You can cover those single pane windows with plastic window covers to create a seal and keep that precious hot air in. Below is a quick video on how to do that and then let’s talk thermostats.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you can afford the fancy smart home thermostats like the Nest or Ecobee then grab one as they can help you track your energy use as well. Don’t forget you can get a rebate from your local utility for installing one. But if not there are also cheaper brands that simply allow you to program a heat schedule and reduce the temperature when you sleep (even just reducing a couple degrees helps) or have gone to work. As a result, you won’t waste heat when you don’t need it.

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Use LED Lighting

LEDs have really become efficient and cost effective over the last few years. And for those that complained about the color you can now buy LEDs with varied color spectrums. There are lights of all styles and uses out there now, so there is no excuse to start replacing each one as you need with much more efficient lighting! The link below will help you find the best LED lights for 2019.

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Lower Water Temperatures

Lastly washing clothes and dishes in warm or cold water and not taking long showers. We all love long showers but if we can cut down on hot water usage it’s a big saver of energy, so turn the washer to wash with cold water and wash dishes in cooler water if you can. You can also turn the thermostat on the hot water tank down a few degrees as they are typically hotter than necessary.

In conclusion these tips will help you get started with your energy and money saving goals so you can spend the money you saved on a gym membership which may help you with your other resolution of losing weight.