Following our monthly tradition; BCHA would like to introduce another great article about Community Land Trusts. This article, by Emily Nonko, about the Florida Keys Community Land Trust is a great read! It explains how their land trust journey started. Although on the opposite side of the country; can still help us learn about the solutions that a land trust can bring. In short, this article is about rebuilding communities and how a land trust is an option for affordability.


Unfortunately the east coast gets slammed with hurricanes regularly every season. Hurricane Irma destroyed 25% of the homes on the Florida coast which is over 1300 miles long. The Florida Housing Coalition saw an opportunity to make a difference and formed the Florida Keys Community Land Trust. Because the Florida Keys are a popular vacation destination this doesn’t make the area very affordable for middle/low income earners. Based on popular demand, rentals are taking priority over homeownership for this land trust. Additionally, because of the unique location; each home is 12 feet above the ground and can withstand 200 mph winds.


Although the appeal of community land trusts is growing; it doesn’t come with out a few bumps in the road. In many areas the popularity is still growing, and communities are just now learning about land trusts as an option. In this article it addresses the difficulties had with understanding the value of land trusts. Long stand land trust owners know that as it grows, the evidence of its value is as well.


Community Land trusts are a reasonable solution for many different scenarios. For the Florida Keys Community Land Trust, hurricane recovery is their most pressing need. The issue being lack of affordable housing after a crushing hurricane wrecked the region. to partner with local nonprofit, the Florida Housing Coalition was the solution.


To summarize, sometimes it can be hard to find solutions for housing. The outlook may seem dismal, but community land trusts are growing in popularity across the US. With their growing popularity there is much success for affordable housing.

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