Adding a fur friend to the family can be an exciting occasion, and also a time of discovering boundaries and parameters within your home. Is your new fur friend going to be a sweet tame little furball or a wild beast that chews up your favorite Manola Blahniks? In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of pet-proofing so you and your fur friend can peacefully co-exist in a safe environment.

The dullest and simplest items can be a death trap

You may think your house is a safe environment, but you might be surprised to find out the dullest and simplest items in your home can be a death trap. Take your ordinary unassuming house plant, there is a variety of different plants and flowers that can be toxic to your pets. This can vary between cats and dogs so make sure you do your research. Get rid of any plants that might be toxic to your pet, it’s not worth it.

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Speaking of house plants Kitties especially like to wreak havoc on your plants. They may find the dirt amusing or use your plants as the loo. You can purchase liquid repellant sprays such as (Nature’s Miracle) to help prevent cat spray. You will want to replace soil that smells like urine. If the soil still smells of urine the kitty might become a repeat offender. Large rocks or pinecones also work as a deterrent. Try making your cat litter box more appealing so that kitty will not be tempted by your plants.

Do you know the saying curiosity killed the cat? The power chords around the house should be as un-tempting as possible. We recommend hiding power chords under a rug or with a split wire loom theses are great ways that make the cords unattractive to your pet.

The house should be as untempting as possible

A fireplace is a great source of heat and warmth but is also a wide-open cremation oven for your pet. Place a barrier such as a screen in front of the fireplace. Do the same with the pilot light at the base of your water heater or other appliance that use gas.  

Pets are curious by nature

Let’s face it, your pet will probably love to drink out of the toilet. It’s going to be hard at first to remember to shut the lid of the loo. A toilet bowl of water can be a great temptation to a thirsty friend. The chemicals used to clean your toilet could be toxic. Your fur buddy might decide to take a swim and get stuck, which could result in your pet drowning. Make sure you keep your cleaning products used to clean the bathroom in a closed or high cabinet. Keep Your personal medications high and out of reach.

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Your washer and dryer is another delight for your pet, especially if you have front loaders. Make sure you keep lids and doors closed and always check before you shut the door and start a load. Putting your pet through the spin cycle could prove deadly.

Pet’s are curious by nature, let’s keep our fur friends safe and sound in our family homes. There are many unassuming dangers that lurk around the corner to a curious critter. Put yourself in the mind of your pet, walk around your home and feel out the dangers or temptations that might arise.  A safe home is a happy home. Check out these articles Pet Proofing and Pet-Proofing Your Home, both have great advice!