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Local Families need local solutions

Committed to furthering housing opportunities.

Help our Supportive services house 

BCHA’s Transitional Housing project is for those who have found themselves homeless.  We are working to help provide temporary housing and need your help to keep the house up and running. 
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The cost of housing in North Idaho has increased rapidly in the last two decades.  The Panhandle Region is one of the most inviting and beautiful places to live in the world.  

BCHA was formed at a Housing Summit in the summer of 2007, and its original aim was to assist employers in retaining high-quality employees who were having a hard time finding housing they can afford.  

In 2010, BCHA began to work as a Community Home Development Organization with Idaho Housing and Finance Association.  This partnership allowed BCHA to hire Chris Bassett as its first staff member to begin to develop a project for homeownership.  

Over the last 7 years BCHA has built, renovated, sold and rented houses to over 21 local families.  


BCHA is the premier advocate and provider of housing solutions in Bonner and Boundary Counties. 


Our mission is to develop local housing, foster community partnerships and provide resources for community partnership and outreach. 


We hear daily about the challenges of housing in North Idaho.  We gather local data, present solutions, and work with local organizations to provide opportunities that would normally not be available. 

Creating an opportunity


Updates, blog posts, and housing news.

The HOME Program

We work at helping families that make less than 80% of the Area Median Income (based on family size) purchase a home that fits their financial capacity.  We utilize IHFA financing and no-payment, no-interest loans to supplement a substantial downpayment and closing costs.  These loans can be 20% of the purchase price up to $40,000. 

Contact Chris at 208-263-5720.



To Qualify:

You may qualify if:

  • Household income <80%AMI
  • Credit Score Minimum 620
  • No more than $35,000 in Bank
  • Must have $500.00 for purchase
  • Not required First-time buyer

The Area Median Income or AMI is set by HUD, and is used for income qualifications before taxes. 


Local population that can qualify. Information updated 2019.

Step 1

Find an IHFA approved lender and see what you can qualify for.


Step 2

Take the Finally HOME Course with BCHA and establish your buying process and plans.

Step 3

Working with BCHA to find your home or to buy one of our current projects. 

Think you might qualify? Let us know!

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Creating an opportunity


Transitional Housing

BCHA manages a house with four single-room apartments for those who have found themselves homeless.  The house is a Supportive Services House that operates in partnership with Kaniksu  Health Services.  There is a background check and a monthly rent payment to live in the house.

Single Family Rental Housing

BCHA manages several houses ranging from two to three bedroom units.  These houses require a security deposit of $400 and rents range from $625-$750 per month.  These units provide safe, long-term housing for those that are looking for a lower priced rental unit.  We are accepting applications on a waiting list for these units.  There is a $25/adult application fee to have your place saved for these affordable units. 

Each class is $20/person/couple.

Check the Schedule and register today.

Getting educated and prepared to own a home! 

Click on the logo to register 

The Finally Home Class is available in person at BCHA.  Course covers: Mortgage Lending, Real Estate forms, Shopping for a Home, Budgeting, Credit, Inspections, Title, Escrow and Maintenance.

Clients Assisted




Touching the entire housing industry

Connecting Everyone

BCHA works with the local community in every stage of the housing process.  From working with bare land owners who want to leave a positive impact and legacy, to the first time home buyer looking to establish a future for their family.  See how we can help you. 

Innovative Solutions

Community Land Trusts

BCHA is well-versed in the development and structuring of Community Land Trusts for the sake of developing affordable housing.  We have spearheaded financing solutions through IHFA and local entities in order to provide housing that does not include the ever-increasing cost of land.  This option keeps housing affordable forever. 

Watch and Support the Bonner Breakdown

BCHA is a proud sponsor of the Bonner Breakdown, a video interview show covering North Idaho.  The goal is to have a conversation, connect people and celebrate the great things happening in our area. 

Affiliate Partnerships


You may have many clients that don’t make quite enough to be able to buy homes near work that fit their income and budgetary needs.  If you have clients that qualify for the HOME Program, we can find homes that they can qualify for and provide the 20% down for their mortgage, with no interest or payments.  Contact Chris and discover solutions for your clients.

All HOME Ownership Program loans must be through an IHFA-approved lender with an IFHA Product.  The qualifications are listed in the HOME Ownership section.  BCHA asks that lenders discuss their situation at length prior to denying a potential applicant from the program.  

Real Estate Agents

Whether you are a buyers agent or listing agent, you can help your clients come find opportunities that normally do not present themselves by working with the team at BCHA.

BCHA is always looking for opportunities to assist your buyers and sellers with options that may fit their overall financial and altruistic strategies.  With amazing financial assistance to buyers, and the ability to take on undesirable properties, BCHA gives your client an edge.

If you have a potential buyer, we ask that we connect with them right away to hold their hand through our process, and to see if any of our properties will work for them, and to determine our needs if BCHA will look for a property that will qualify for their family.

All properties you assist BCHA with will receive a full commission unless an agent chooses to donate some of that commission to BCHA.

Shopping for a Home

Have you wanted to sell your home but there are too many things that need repair?  BCHA is here to help.  Often we are able to work acquire and rehabilitate properties and sell them to local families that need lower-priced opportunities with funding assistance.

If you think your home would be a good fit for BCHA, we can come and look at the property and if our funding is available, we can pursue the property to purchase, renovate and sell to local working family.   Contact Chris or Denise if you are interested in selling your home to BCHA.

Donating Land

Are you looking for an opportunity to use your land for the betterment of the region and to assist local families with housing opportunities?   Perhaps donating a property fits within your tax planning strategies.  As a 501c3 Non-Profit, BCHA can help. 

Contact Chris with BCHA to discover donation, development and Community Land Trust options that may suit your desires.  Solutions are something that BCHA is skilled at as we find the best ways to utilize properties and further affordable housing in our region. 


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Expert Team

Our Staff, Directors and Partners

Denise Marley

Denise Marley

Rental Manager / Administrator

Denise provides responsible administrative support throughout the office. She also provides professional and technical assistance in the development, administration, and implementation of Housing Authority programs. She is also the maker/owner at Hero & Co.

Nate Rench

Nate Rench

Board President

Nate is a native of Sandpoint and is an outdoor enthusiast. He is the Branch Manager of the Washington Trust Bank located in Sandpoint and has a passion for helping figure out housing for all generations and walks of life. Nate has a  Bachelor’s of Science in Business Production & Operations Management from the University of Idaho.

Carol Curtis

Carol Curtis


Carol is passionate about bettering the community in Bonner and Boundary Counties and has worked with BCHA for over seven years as a REALTOR.  She currently serves on the Board of Project 7B.  Carol is a REALTOR at Century 21 Riverstone.

Brent Heiser

Brent Heiser


Brent has been a recent resident of Sagle Idaho for the past five years. Brent works at the Bonner County Assessors Office as a Residential Appraiser.  He previously worked for Citigroup Bank in an audit function in Kansas City Missouri for 15 years.

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