The snow is melting away, spring is finally here! For some, the changing of the season can spring on the urge for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. The long cold months are over, it’s time for a fresh start. Let’s start by walking around our homes making a checklist or taking mental note of all the areas inside that need some extra TLC and freshening up.
In this article, we are going to touch on the inside of your home and our recommendations of what possibly could use a cleaning. We find it’s best to take your cleaning one room at a time, that way you don’t get too overwhelmed.


Starting with the doors of the house, door mats can collect a lot of mud and dirt espeicially in the spring. Take those mats vacuum and spray off with a hose, waiting for a sunny day would be advisable so you can dry the doormat out in the sunshine. Now let’s clean some dirty windows with a microfiber cloth and natural window cleaner or you can make your own Vinegar window cleaner. We recommend vinegar because if you accidentally inhale or ingest the vinegar solution is non-toxic. After you give the windows a good shine, use a duster to dust blinds or a vacuum if you have curtains.

Living Room

Moving along take your duster and check for cobwebs and dust that might be hanging around your walls and ceilings. Depending if you have high ceilings you might need a ladder or an extension arm for your duster. If you are feeling super motivated, you could vacuum along your trim and use a damp rag to remove any remaining dust. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures that have been neglected all winter. Dust bunnies undoubtably have been collecting and hiding under your furniture. After you vacuum underneath your furniture it’s time to vacuum couch and chair cushions.


Now that the living room is clean let’s move into the kitchen. Stoves/Ovens could use a nice scrub, along with the refrigerator. Don’t forget the trusty ole’ microwave.  It’s a good idea to clean the kitchen sink last since you will be using it a lot while you are cleaning the kitchen. When you are ready to clean the sinks take some baking soda and vinegar and pour down the drain, wait 15 minutes then following up by pouring boiling water. If you really want to make your kitchen squeaky clean you might want to enlist someone to help you move the stove and refrigerator to clean underneath. Kitchen cabinets could also be vacuumed and wiped out with some soapy dish water to help cut the grease.


The bathroom is the next major room we will tackle, I know everyone is excited about this room. Scrub the tub and sink. We also recommend using a vinegar and baking soda solution to clean out and freshen up drains, and of course youll thank yourself later when the royal throne gets a good cleaning. We recommend going through your vanity and purging products you no longer use or that are expired. Wipe out the vanity drawers and organize your products.

You Did It!

Now give yourself a pat on the back and pour yourself a glass of iced tea. This process may take a few days but that’s okay, after all is said and done you will be happy you took the time to spring clean your abode.