The Epic sale

This is the time of year when the weather is warm, people are out and yard sales are bountiful! Spring and summer are the best times to do some cleaning and clear out cluttered spaces and organize. What are some keys an epic yard sale? What will draw people so you can make the most of your time and make the most money? Check out some tips below!

Pick a Great day

The day that the sale takes place on is important due to the crowd you want to attract. Mid week sales are going to draw elderly and retired people. In contrast weekends draw bigger crowds, families and travelers. By all means Saturday and Sunday are the best days. ultimately the better the weather the better the turnout!

Pick a Great Location

Easy to access and lots of parking is best! Don’t forget to advertise. Those yard sale signs go a long way! Make a Facebook event and allow people to share it. Start putting signs a few streets away so people are directed to you. Don’t forget to take them down after!

Pick Great Stuff

Let people know ahead of time what stuff you are selling. For example, is it tools and hardware? Or toys and baby clothes? Furniture and house-ware items? Whatever it is, let people know! Ask your neighbors if they want to participate! Some neighborhoods even do community yards sales that are 1 to 2 blocks long so visitors can just stroll around and shop.

Organize your stuff well  

Making your items visually appealing will help your sales go up. Some key ways to do this is to organize yard sale items by category like: kitchen, bathroom or clothing and furniture. Think shelving and clothing racks if possible. For instance, neat and tidy is always a good look. In the event that there are large unorganized piles people might be less likely to feel motivated to dig through it.  An alternative way of organizing is arranging by price. Have a $5, $20, maybe $50 table where everything on the table is the same amount. If this isn’t a good method for you just be sure to price everything ahead of time to save hassle later.

Ending thoughts

Ideally garage sales and yard sales are meant to be more of an interactive experience where prices are haggled, and people walk away with a good deal. Keeping it social and lighthearted is the key to making great sales when it comes to a yard sale.

Furthermore, here are some more good ideas for yard sales: