Selling the clutter

Are you looking to get rid of all that extra clutter? Maybe you’re planning a move soon and you really need to lighten your load. Even if you’re not moving its always good to get a head start on decluttering your garage, attic or storage space. What are the best ways to do this? One way is to donate them to charity or sell them. Selling an item benefits you and gives you a little extra cash. There are multiple ways to sell things over the internet. For example, Craigslist, Facebook groups and Esty are a few different places to sell online. In this post we are going to talk about sellling on Ebay.

How to set up an account

It will take a little bit of effort to get started but it is well worth it in the long run. You never know what might sell! What doesn’t sell can be donated or saved for yard sale. The first step to selling on Ebay is to create an account with them. Simple username and password. Once you’ve done this it is highly recommended you connect a PayPal account with your Ebay account. That way, when the sale occurs, the money automatically drops into your account making the process smoother.

What items

Its hard to say what will sell on Ebay. It’s always a surprise what sells and what doesn’t. If your are selling clothes; its best to include measurements. Avoid larger items, like furniture. If you can’t ship it yourself, probably don’t sell it through Ebay. Alternately, you can choose the local pickup option. Keep in mind that it will take extra effort to move the item and meet someone

Good sales

When selling on Ebay, good pictures, good description, good prices always help things sell faster. Take good quality photos and include all angles of the item. How do you decide on pricing?  Do your research, look through websites and search through the existing items on Ebay. Is the item new or heavily used?  Include things like this in the description of the item. Good marketing goes a long way!

Making the sale

Keep in mind that both Ebay and PayPal take a small cut of the profits. Ebay will bill you once a month, a small percentage of what you sold. If you didn’t sell anything that month your bill will be zero; It doesn’t bill you for things that have not sold. PayPal takes a small percentage whenever money is first dropped into your account. Currently transfers from PayPal to your bank are free.

Making the money

That’s it! Now you’re ready to make some money and sell that unwanted junk that’s been collecting dust.

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