Dealing with frost damage is reality one needs to address when faced with the winter season here, in north Idaho. According to Sandpoint has below freezing temperatures 5 months out of the year! Some winters might last even longer! During these winter months its important to consider your home and the implications the cold weather might have.


one place to check for frost damage would be the foundation of your home. If the soil around your home has excessive water and poor drainage, this effects your foundation. When the soil freezes, it expands. Therefore, making your foundation shift and crack, making the home unstable.


Probably one of the most well-known issues when dealing with frost damage. Most people know that when pipes freeze there is a great possibility they could burst. The damage from burst pipes and flooding is costly. Keeping a warm house is the best solution.


If you live in an older home it might also have older windows installed. Even if you have double pained windows, sometimes moisture can get in between them causing fogging and eventually frost damage. Make sure to keep the rooms heated so the frost doesn’t have a chance to form.


Take the snow for instance; in north Idaho we can get as much as 3 feet of snow overnight which could end up being a burden on your roof. Heavy snow could end up damaging your roof, causing leaks and other issues for your home. Take this into consideration this winter when dealing with heavy snows.

Preventative Measures

In conclusion, safety first! And taking proper care of your home in the winter homes will not go rewarded. Keep these ideas in mind when looking for frost damage. Long, cold winters can be daunting in North Idaho. Most people already have to deal with snow shoveling and trying to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear. Taking preventative measures will pay off come spring melt down and mud season.