Once a month BCHA seeks to further this community’s knowledge about Land Trusts. This particular article by David Hernandez does a great job explaining the affordable housing issues at hand. This article takes place in the community of National City, near San Diego, California. As we already know, the issue of finding affordable housing is spreading – and spreading to North Idaho. Different locations will deal with the issue of affordable housing differently. This article explains community land trusts at work and how they are helping build communities and keep them strong.

Growth in partnership

San Diego Community Land trust partnered with Habitat for Humanity to buy land to set in a community land trust. They are planning to build six homes, backyard included for families that make 80% of the area median income or less.  With land trusts, the cost of the land is taken out of the buying price. This makes it more affordable for low income families. Therefore, each family owns the home, but the land stays in a trust. The home owners have the option to sell the home if they want to. When the homeowner decides to sell, it must be sold to another lower income family. Thus, the home continues to be an option for lower income families. With the rising cost of real estate across the nation – there aren’t very many solutions for affordable housing. Land trusts are a viable solution! Here in north Idaho, we want better communities! when homes are owned instead of rented, better communities are formed. Ownership builds long-lasting communities. Long standing communities make better cites and neighborhoods.

Summing it up

It’s great to see these community land trusts at work! Especially for those who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to own a home. There are many renters that long for the opportunity to own a home but because of income restraints, they cannot. Land trusts are a way of providing that opportunity to people. Owning a home is really the idea of planting roots and building a long lasting community. Community Land trusts are a way of providing that for people; a place to call home.

Further your reading – check out the article here: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/communities/south-county/sd-se-habitat-homes-20181016-story.html