It’s a hack

Its always a good idea to keep your house in tip top shape! Sprays, wipes and disinfectants are great but a lot of them have harmful chemicals in them. Natural & nontoxic cleaning techniques are what we are going for!  There are different ways of doing this and a lot them include a bit of work. But we are always looking for ways to make it less of a chore! Here are some cleaning hacks we collected below.


Lemons make a great cleaning hack because of their acidity they make great natural cleaners! If you have stains on your bathtub or on your sink handles; cut a lemon in half and use it to scrub away at the stains. In the kitchen you can use it clean your cutting boards. Lemons also work as a deodorizer, use some lemon juice in a spray bottle and use wherever needed.

Baking soda

Backing soda also works as a nontoxic cleaning agent. This also works as a great deodorizer! Use in your fridge and microwave to absorb unwanted food odors. Put some on your stale smelling sponge to spruce it up. Baking soda also kills mold. Additionally, throw some in with your laundry load to brighten up the clothes. Mix a little with water and use it to clean your jewelry.


Another great natural cleaner! Because of its strong odor always be sure to clean it up right away after use. You can use vinegar in multiple ways. If you have stubborn sweat stains on shirts soak them in white vinegar overnight, then put it in the wash and your shirt comes out clean and free of stain.


For the more stubborn stains; mix salt with vinegar or lemon juice to make an abrasive scrub. It will do the work for you! Use on stove tops, where messes are persistent and sticking to the surface.  Salt kills germs but also prevents mold from growing.

Essential oils

Essential oils are great cleaning hack! In short, they help kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. If you are looking to clean up greasy dishes the citrus essential oils are best! For making a cleaning solution all you need is a spray bottle, your favorite oil and water. Use about 10-20 drops of oil for 2-3 cups of water to get the full potency of the essential oil.

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