Building Community

The general upkeep of a community garden varies. Some areas require weeding on a weekly basis. Consequently some types of gardens need to be watered daily. Community gardens usually have seasons; spring and summer most commonly. Given these points, organize community cleanup at the beginning and the end of a season to winterize the garden beds.

What makes a neighborhood – also makes a good community. Healthy, happy communities are exceedingly important when it comes to choosing a home and an area to live in. Perhaps you have already moved in to your new home and you’re looking to meet the neighbors and develop relationships with those living around you. A great way to do this is by building something together. Why is community important? We live in a world with Netflix, Amazon, grocery delivery and self-checkout. As a result more people are opting for less human interaction. This makes it harder to meet people and build a community. Building a community garden is one example of establishing a hub and gathering place.

What is a Community Garden?

In short, a community garden is a place where people can gather in support of a project. The project could vary depending on what the contributors agree on.  Planting can differ from fruits and vegetables to flower gardens and sculptures.

How to build a community Garden

The first step is to organize a group of interested people and find a good location. Depending on what you want the garden to be – consider sun exposure to the area. But wait! Who pays for this? Good question – decide if it’s a good idea to charge each interested party a fee; or get a sponsor for your community garden. Sometimes even sponsors have available plots of land for you to utilize. It would be great to present a local business or city planner with a budget, so they know that you are genuine. Ask local food banks to see if they want to contribute or participate in growing a plot or two – any food grown is donated! Great further resources on community gardens here and here.

General upkeep


Benefits of a Community Garden

In conclusion, the results are delightful and enjoyable. With little bit of labor and communication can make a garden grow! As a result, working together, a community can really make a boring piece of land shine. The end of season can be celebrated with a community potluck using what was grown!