Getting down business

With a few major holidays in the horizon it’s time to start planning ahead! Many want to come out on top after the holidays. The best way to do that is to make a checklist and stick to it. Are you traveling for the holidays or making any big purchases?  Set aside just a little bit of time to make budget and you will get the success you’re looking for. We went through some articles to find the best tips; here are some keys to success for budgeting during the holidays!


The first thing to look at when it comes to the coming holidays is expenses. What will everything cost? To the best of your ability, try to figure out in advance where your money will be going. For example. Think about thanksgiving dinner or parties you might be going to where you need to bring food. Additionally, think about Christmas gifts or extra spending needed for travel to see family.

Make a list

Making a list is the beginning of a budget. Do your best to figure out what all your needs vs wants for the holiday. budget it out; save some bigger purchases for later. Maybe you want to look at taking a vacation later in the year. Look at where you want to save and where you want to spend money. A list is a great starting point for budgeting during the holidays.

Check your Debt

In order to make a budget you need to Look at your current debt. Some holidays might be more frugal than others. It doesn’t mean that they will all be that way! It’s better to plan ahead and avoid additional debt. So take a look at what is already happening in your finances and make a decision to continue the payments or make small adjustments.

Track it all

Don’t forget to keep track of it all! Consider making a spreadsheet for expenses. Or find a different way that works for you. There are a few budgeting apps out there to help you track expenses. “Mint” would be a great budgeting app to check out.

Shop the Sales

It always good to buy things when they are on sale but is it the lowest price? Price check with your phone! Most stores are competitive with their prices so always do your research!

Additionally, check out the websites below for more inspiration.