Resources at your Local Library

Discovering your local resource

The library is your greatest local resource! Now that school is in session you will probably find yourself at the library quite often. There might be many resources at your local library that you have been missing out on! All the resources we have listed below are available at Bonner County Library; but if you’re not in North Idaho you can check with your own library to see what’s happening.

Do they have a Bookmobile?

In short, a library on the go! This is a great resource for rural communities. A bookmobile is a smaller version of your local library on wheels. They usually have routes they follow & come a couple times a month. Check with your local library to find out more about this resource!


Check and see if your library has a storytime for children. These groups are usually divided up by age. Overall, story time is a great resource for getting children interested in reading and learning!


A tutor is an excellent resource to take advantage of if available. East Bonner Library has volunteer tutors for anyone interested in furthering themselves. Not just for those in school but also working adults or people learning English as a second language. Connect with your local library to find out more!

Other events & workshops

Many libraries have special events that are available for the general community. For example, a class might be offered teaching a certain program or during the holidays it could be something to do with making a craft or baking! East Bonner Library boasts of their 3D printer. offers an outdoor story walk. They also have a “seed library” for organic gardeners!

All media types

For the most part, libraries carry multiple types of media. Not only books, music and movies in their physical form but many of these are available online as well. According to the East Bonner Library: “You can download books & music, get homework help, read magazines, stream music, learn a new language and more!” all online through their website. What a great resource!

Looking for volunteers

Last, but not least, pick a few days out of the year to volunteer at your local library! This gives you the chance to learn about all the resources that are available!

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