How to be a Good Neighbor


How are you at being a good neighbor? We probably don’t ask ourselves this question enough. Neighbors are pretty easy to forget about. After all, we all get caught up in our own world. But at the end of the day its really just all about making friends and having someone there in a pinch! Too often bad neighbors can really make a bad day worse. Don’t be that neighbor. Set yourself up for success and start out the relationship right by communicating early. Below are some tips on being a good neighbor! Hot Tip: don’t have to be best friends but getting along is crucial.


Good neighbors introduce themselves! Start out with the goal in mind. Most people unless they’re a scrooge will be friendly if you are. Whether you are in an apartment complex or they just bought the house next door; everyone loves a housewarming gift. It doesn’t have to be big, but a gift will soften the heart. During the holiday season, invite your neighbors over. Some people don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to spend the holidays with! Don’t assume. Hot tip: good neighbors don’t gossip. No need to talk about what other people are doing.

Help out

Keep in mind the age range of your new neighbor. If they are elderly, it could be that they need some assistance from time to time keeping up on yard work. If it’s a young family, who just had their third baby they might need some meals made for them. Good neighbors help out! In north Idaho the winters can be substantial. Little things like shoveling their sidewalk as well as yours can go a long way! Good neighbors do more without asking. Hot tip: always keep noise down to a minimum.

Stay Clean

Good neighbors stay clean and tidy! No one wants to be that embarrassing house on the block. Put in a little extra effort! For example, mow your lawn frequently, pick up after yourself and rake the leaves. Fix the broken fences and give your house a coat of fresh paint if it needs it. Water the lawn in the summer and hang some planters from your deck. In general, Keeping things orderly helps you feel ownership and keeps your residence from being an eyesore. Hot tip: take your Christmas lights down after new year’s!

Well behaved pets

Keeping your pets restrained is key to being a good neighbor. With this in mind, clean up after your pet frequently! And if you live in an urban neighborhood – be sure your pet isn’t trespassing on other people’s lawns. Part of owning a pet is being a good pet parent! If you have a misbehaved, loud pet; think about why that is the case! Do you spend enough time with it? Does it get proper exercise?  If you aren’t able to properly take care of it, you should probably rethink having it. Especially in cities and urban neighborhoods your pet should always be leashed, it’s a common courtesy. Hot tip: Just because you like your pet doesn’t mean other people do. This also saves your pet from getting injured or wandering off and getting lost.

Ending thoughts

To summarize, nothing pays off better then being a good neighbor! As the saying goes “Do to others as you would have them do to you”!

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