Lawn Care 101

Lawn Care

First impressions are everything. And a healthy lawn is the best first impression! It’s that time of summer where our lawns are brown and crispy. But even if you’re in an area where it rains a lot; that means you’re more likely to suffer from lots of weeds. A green healthy lawn makes a home look ten times better. You don’t have to spend hours to make your lawn look 100%. A little bit of effort goes a long way. Here are some lawn care tips to make your front lawn the best its ever been.

The soil

But where do you start with lawn care? The best way to understand your lawn is to get the soil tested. This article by Lowes is a helpful resource and gives a brief run-down about soil testing. By testing your soil you can find out what nutrients are missing and what type of grass would grow best. To demonstrate, if your soil is too acidic, add limestone. Additionally, if your soil is too alkaline, you can add sulfur or gypsum. Other cheaper fixes would be coffee grounds or compost to improve the soil! Most Starbucks location sell their left over grounds.


After getting your soil tested, think about what type of fertilization you need. Spring is usually the best time to apply fertilizer. For Idahoans, we are considered a ‘cool season’ type of climate. This means we need grasses that withstand our harsh winter. More on this here and here.

Grass Types

Now that we know what type of climate we are working with and we have our soil balanced out; we can plant seed! Think about whether you lawn has full sunlight or partial-sun exposure. Different types of grass need more sunlight then others.  Another thing to consider is how much use your lawn is getting. For example, if it’s a sports field, it needs to be high impact. More on this here:


The last key is to keep your lawn watered and weed free! Invest in some weed killer or make your own with vinegar. When your mowing be sure not to cut the grass too short. This causes the soil to be exposed and long term the grass will weaken and die. Always mow in a different direction every time. High foot traffic causes bare spots in your lawn. More on spot treatment here, and more on mowing here.

Also, natural weed killer here.

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