Promoting Neighborhood Safety

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Moving to a new neighborhood can be daunting. New friendships are built and surroundings are unknown. New neighborhoods call for new safety parameters. One main concern when moving to a new neighborhood or new city is the safety of that location. When you have a large family with small children; safety is of the utmost importance! Besides getting a good home security system; what are some other ways to stay safe? Here are some ways to learn about neighborhood safety.

Call the local police station

Most local police stations have non-emergency numbers that you can contact. Ask to speak with a police officer about safety in the area. Tell them you want to know what the local neighborhood. In particular ask about the low crime areas and which are the higher crime areas.

Do some safety research

Crime reports is a way to investigate the crime rate in a geographical location. Websites like these give a rough estimate for how much crime occurs. This still is not neighborhood specific but city specific. Also is a great resource for finding out not just about local crime but also housing, employment and cost of living.

Start a neighborhood watch program

Historically police officers used to walk their “beat” or neighborhood. The goal being: local friendships and keeping crime down. Nowadays a lot has changed but there are still ways to disrupt crime in your local cul-de-sac. Starting a Neighborhood Watch is one way to do this! A neighborhood crime watch is way of staying connected to your local law enforcement and reporting criminal activity. More info here:

Host a Neighborhood Safety Night

Ask your local law enforcement to sponsor a Neighborhood Safety Night. Officers could give safety demonstrations as well as direct people to resources.  Resources like freedom from situations of abuse and homelessness. Ask Emergency Responders and local businesses to get involved as well! More info on this here.

All’s well that ends safely

Knowing neighborhood quality is important when choosing where to live. You get peace of mind when the research is done ahead of time. Most of all, this will save a lot of stress later. Promote neighborhood safety in your community!

In addition to the above – here are some resources specific to Idaho Home Security and Crime Prevention:

As a matter of fact Rathdrum is listed as #6 safest city in Idaho according to this source!

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